Here is description of a typical reflexology session.

Before each session, I cleanse my hands, disinfect the chair and change the towels to be used. After we have greeted each other and you have had a chance to use the restroom, you will be seated in my comfortable zero-gravity chair.

Reflexology on Hands

If you're a new client, we'll discuss your health history to determine if there is anything that will affect the way we handle your treatment.

I adjust the pillow on the chair for your comfort and then recline you fully. Your feet will be higher than your head. A pillow covered by a bath towel will be placed under your feet to cushion them. It also raises them off the chair’s frame to aid my working position. A small blanket will be available if you feel cold. I will wash both of your feet with a disposal wipe while looking for any bruises, warts, ingrown nails, etc. that will affect my treatment. If this is a return visit, I will ask you about any changes in your feet or health at that point.

Your left foot will be covered by the towel to keep it warm, while I begin working on your right foot. We start with some gentle movements to help you relax and for your feet to get used to my touch. Then I will begin the reflexology work. I may use some unscented lotion to help my motion on your feet, but it is optional.

You can talk with me anytime during the session. I will tell you anything I feel in your feet and ask questions about that area. When the right foot is done, I move to the left foot after covering the right foot. I work on your left foot as needed.

As the session ends, both feet will be uncovered for some final work. We end with you taking three deep breaths while I press on the points in the feet that reflex to your solar plexus. This is a final act to increase relaxation. You will sit up when you are ready and ask any final questions you may have.

You can find answers to additional questions on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Reflextions by Melody

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We're located behind the KMart store at State Street and Mulford Road.

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Check or Cash, Payment is due at the time of treatment.

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